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DesignPro Layout Review

Welcome, fellow designer!
Whether you’re a newer designer or an experienced professional looking to uplevel your kitchen designs, it helps to have an expert who is in your corner.
Have a design concept ready to go but want a second set of eyes on it before you meet with your client?
This focused review will take your preliminary layout and creative direction, and give you specific feedback you can implement into the design with the assurance of a seasoned pro.

How does it work?

1. Purchase the DesignPro Layout Review Package (which is on this page).
2. Upload your dimensioned room layout (existing and proposed), before photos, inspiration photo(s) and concept board. Include a note with a brief design statement and any problems you’re trying to solve for in the design. Rough drafts are absolutely ok!
3. Schedule your review meeting via zoom or choose the “email me the analysis” option if you just want the bullet points without a meeting. In the meeting, we will discuss the recommendations and any questions you have.
4. Receive an emailed analysis with recommendations to polish up your design for your client presentation!
The turnaround time for the completed analysis is 5 business days from the time it is received.
I look forward to helping you create a kitchen your client will love!